Bespoke Jewelry

by Sidsel Dalby

When personality and the imagination meet, the sky is the limit for dream creations to become a reality.

Set Your Personality Free…

and an exceptional piece tailored to your specific needs and desires will be designed before your very eyes. A lifelong wish, a shift in style, or a part of you coming to life. You are the director of this grand masterpiece.

Not sure what you want? Our designers can guide you through the process from the beginning. Because we are starting from scratch, we can create ANYTHING you’d like, so let your imagination run wild!

Call or email our designers describing your vision. Feel free to send a picture or sketch as well.

We make it

Dalby’s team of highly skilled designers and artisans are prepared to witness your vision with you and walk alongside you through the process, from beginning to end. Piece by piece your thoughts and ideas are stitched together, turning into a sketch, a computerized image, and finally, a mock-up. Each stage is handled with great care and sensitivity. Only the finest materials are used to take your creation from an experiment to the finest piece of jewellery you will ever own.

Our designers will draw up a sketch of what you described and send it to you for your approval. We will continue to make adjustments until the mock up is exactly what you envisioned.

You Love It

Place Your Order

No jewelry piece is more unique, personal, or fulfilling than when it is fully customized in order to make all of your dreams come true. Colors and designs of your past come out to play when you begin to envision your fantasy jewel. So, what jewel are you and what do you want it to say about you? Prepare to create. Begin to imagine. Get ready to embrace the embodiment of you.

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