Ring Size Guide

Find your correct ring size

How do I find my ring size?

There are several ways to find your correct ring size:

  • Go to your local jeweler and have your ring size measured.
  • Contact our customer service department at info@dalbydiamonds.com or at +45 7172 7274 and have a ring measurer sent to you free of charge
    (must be returned once used).
  • Book an appointment with us and we will find your perfect ring size together.
  • Please be aware that the size of your fingers may vary slightly depending on whether the measurement is taken during hot or cold temperatures. Fingers have a tendency to swell a tiny bit when it is hot. Furthermore, you have to consider that the ring must be able to fit over the joints of your finger.
  • If the ring size you have provided turns out to be wrong when you receive your ring, we can adjust your jewelry for a small surcharge. Please contact DALBY DIAMONDS for further details on this.

Confidential purchases

If you do not know the ring size of the person you are purchasing for and wish to keep the purchase confidential, please choose the “do not know” option when filling in the purchase order and continue to the register. Contact us and we will find the right solution for your ring size.

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