Global delivery & tax free

Free delivery with insured courier service

DALBY DIAMONDS has close partnerships with both domestic and international courier services that ensure our customers the best service and insured domestic delivery of our products on time. We are able to deliver to any desired address, as long as we have received the relevant information in the purchase order.

DK and EU orders

Customers inside the EU and Denmark will be subject to Danish VAT (25%), which will be included in the prices listed on the website.

International orders (Outside the EU)

If you desire to purchase tax free, we at DALBY DIAMONDS are also able to accommodate you. Upon receiving your order, you will also receive all necessary documentation in order to get the VAT reimbursed at the airport once leaving the EU. When reimbursing VAT it is required that you reside outside the EU and that you refund the VAT for your purchased jewelry within 3 months of the purchase date.

DALBY DIAMONDS are also able to export your diamond jewelry to another country if so desired. In that case, a small freight surcharge will be applicable.

Return goods

Private customers shopping on has 14 days full right of exchange of jewelry when bought as ready-made in one of our showrooms. We don’t return payment. This, however, is not including custom made jewelry tailored to the customer’s specific needs. In these instances, the right of withdrawal is forfeit as soon as the jewelry is in production. For more information, please see Terms of trade.

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