How long is the delivery time?

The usual delivery time is 10-15 weekdays. When ordering custom designs or unusual busy periods, the delivery time can be longer.

How is my jewelry/diamond delivered?

The finished jewelry is delivered at a personal meeting or with a courier at the given address.

How to find your ring size

In order to find the correct ring size a number of different steps is required:

  • Visit our local jeweler and have your ring size measured.
  • Contact our customer support at info@dalbydiamonds.com or call +45 7172 7274 and receive a free ring gauge per post (returned again).
  • Book a meeting with us and we will find the right size.

Be aware that the size on your fingers can vary, depending on the temperature. Fingers tend to raise a bit, if the temperature is warm. This has to be taking into account when measuring ring size.

If the ring size you have choosen is wrong, when receiving the ring, we can adjust the ring for a small fee that is given by personal contacting Dalby Diamonds.

Maintenance of jewelry

As any other jeweler we recommend to get your jewelry inspected and cleaned every 6th month at a certified jeweler. Despite of being jewelry at highest quality, especially diamonds used regularly, they are exposed to shocks from different edges and diamonds can therefor over time get loose and in worst case fall out. By maintaining and regularly inspection this can be avoided.

Regarding cleaning of jewelry, you can do it yourself or visit an authorized jeweler. Diamonds jewelry can be cleaned under warm water with a toothbrush and mild soap (without acid) or toothpaste (mild abrasive).

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