Emeralds vs Green Diamonds

by Sidsel Dalby

Emerald jewelry vs green diamond jewelry: The differences you should know about

In the opinions of many a jewelry enthusiast, ranking high among the world’s most beautiful gemstones are green diamonds and emeralds. As both are so stunning to behold, it might seem like comparing apples and oranges to try and ‘pit’ one against the other. Especially as despite their differences, people appreciate the gems for quite similar reasons.

In professional terms it is usually things like the color, the shine, sparkle, brilliance, hardness, clarity, and price that are contrasted when comparing various gemstones. And this is indeed where the stones used in green diamond jewelry and emerald jewelry differ more significantly.

Differences in color

The darker the green color of an emerald, the greater the value of the carat. Due to the scarcity of such gemstones, a perfect instance would be equivalent to tens of thousands of dollars per carat.

A diamond which is truly clear is valuable, but less rare. However, when you are talking about green diamonds things change. A pure green diamond is exceptionally rare, and even those that feature other hues are very scarce. So, a green diamond may be just as valuable.

Differences in sparkle

The sparkle of a gemstone is the product of several properties inside it acting in unison. Typically, the style of sparkle is limited to select stone ranges. Additionally, a green diamond’s surface adds extra scintillation to the sparkle. This immediately offers a higher-than-normal amount of sparkle for green diamonds.

The fact is that an exceptional emerald is not supposed to sparkle. Inside an emerald, there may be a slight fire effect when it is exposed to light, but if an emerald has a sparkle that is much similar to that of a diamond, in general, it is a sign of lower overall quality. So, if you like sparkle, green diamond jewelry is more likely to be to your taste.

Differences in brilliance

In the emerald vs. green diamond comparison, brilliance is one of the simpler things to calculate. The brilliance of a gem is an indicator of general levels of refractive index. The RI value measures, as the name implies, how well an object refracts light. The higher the RI value, the brighter a gemstone glistens.

The RI of green diamonds averages out around at 2.4. Emeralds are usually found with an RI of 1.57 to 1.58. So, on average, green diamonds have a higher RI value. But there are still some points to remember. If you value brilliance, then it is often easier to find in green diamond jewelry. Emeralds on the upper end of their brilliance range, meanwhile, are rarer.

Differences in clarity

Clarity refers to the degree of imperfections, or inclusions, within a gemstone. There will be some degree of inclusion of every naturally formed stone.

Usually, green diamonds have remarkably high clarity levels. Consequently, when there are any inclusions, they would usually only be visible under high levels of magnification. Emeralds are the exact opposite. An emerald without noticeable inclusion is very unusual and will raise the gemstone’s total value instantly.

Differences in price and personal taste

A green diamond jewelry piece is not inexpensive, but you can find reasonably priced pieces, given the rarity of such stones. Emeralds are priced according to some of the criteria we have described above and can be more affordable than green diamond jewelry, or almost as expensive.

If you are making the choice between emerald jewelry and green diamond jewelry to wear, however, it is likely that their appearance and perhaps meaning are most important to you. And that means that which you prefer is a very personal choice, meaning only you can decide the ‘winner’ in a comparison between emerald jewelry and green diamond jewelry.

One famous admirer of emerald jewelry however remains the ever iconic Hollywood actress, Liz Taylor. Presented to her from husband Richard Burton to celebrate their engagement, this 23.46-carat deep green, lustrous Columbian emerald pendant on her dress was always carried off with sheer elegance.

Emerald & Diamond Masterpiece

The rarest emeralds on earth are found in Muzo, which is a mine nestled in the lush foothills of the Colombian Andes.

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