High Jewelry

by Sidsel Dalby

Extraordinary Jewelry

Majestic Masterpieces

Dalby Diamonds is proud to present an extraordinary high jewelry collection, drawing on both atmospheric and artistic inspiration from classic civilization. This sophisticated yet contemporary ensemble includes over 20 imposing designs of majestic, dazzling, natural colored diamonds and gemstones jewelry creations.

Each piece is artistically designed and expertly hand-crafted to compliment the high-quality diamonds nd gemstones set within. The diamonds and gemstones used, vary in color and size, but never in quality.

Each of these unique works is skillfully crafted in 18 kt white, yellow and rose gold.

We are the proud custodians of the world’s most celebrated diamonds and gemstones.
These creations give a prestigious and glamorous voice to those who adorn them. With each new owner of these unique pieces, another royal is born.” – Sidsel Dalby

Meeting by
appointment only

DALBY DIAMONDS is a Copenhagen, London and New York based diamond trading company and jeweler. We are offering private showings and custom designs of luxury fine jewellery. Part of our service is to collaborate with our clients on unique bespoke jewellery suited to the individual taste and budget of each client.

All our diamonds are hand-selected by highly skilled diamonds dealers and gemologist from the foremost authority on diamonds – Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Partnering with the world’s leading diamond exchanges and sight holders, Dalby Diamonds Trading Platform provides the perfect blend of online simplicity and showroom service.

  • A smarter way to buy diamond jewellery and investment grade diamonds: online & showroom.
  • Free gemologist(GIA) consultations by purchase of diamonds.
  • Our in-house experts will help you choose the right diamond.
  • Superior craftsmanship by highly skilled artisans.
  • VIP lecture on diamonds (you can book the diamond dealer Sidsel Dalby for a lecture on diamonds).
  • Global courier service by Fedex express shipping – Fully insured shipping for your peace of mind.
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