Diamond Academy™

by Sidsel Dalby

Diamond  Masterclass

Book leading diamond dealer and gemologist, Sidsel Dalby (G.G. GIA USA) for an exclusive masterclass on your preferred location.

  • This Masterclass will help you amplify your understanding of diamonds and gemstones. 
  • You will also gain understanding of why the pink, blue, and yellow diamonds became the world’s hottest gemstones and know what specifically to look for if you are in the market to invest in rare colored diamonds. 
  • This vital basic knowledge will not only help you unlock the mystery of a diamond’s quality, it will also help you understand a diamond’s value and price – and save you money and time in your future diamond purchases.
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Who is the masterclass for?

Everybody with an interest in diamonds and gemstones.The Diamond Masterclass is designed to give you an insight into gemology with a strategic and distinct edge over not just your competition if you are in the trade, but also save you time and money if you are about to purchase a diamond.

How much does the masterclass cost?

Contact for price (including lunch, coffee, and a goodie bag with basic equipment/tools for diamonds). The price is only to cover over costs – this event will be held as non-profit with the only aim of sharing valuable content to the attendees.

What can I expect from the academy?

You will learn from the leading experts in the field.

  • The history and lore of famous diamonds from mining to jewellery. The 4C’s of diamond grading, diamond price, synthetics.
  • Rare natural colored diamonds.
  • Introduction to gemstones. The  “Big Three”- Ruby, Sapphire and Emeralds – colours in gemstones.
  • Jewellery and different settings.
  • You will receive a certification upon completion of the Masterclass.

Sidsel Dalby Glerup

Sidsel is one of very few female diamond brokers in the world and feels right at home working in the secluded and male dominated world, where the key to success is access to the most rare and often colourful stones, sought after by discerning jewellery customers and investors with an eye for profit. Sidsel is the founder of Dalby Diamonds and located with offices in London, New York, Tel Aviv and Copenhagen in order to accommodate the great interest from customers, for whom only the best is good enough.

Sidsel holds the prestigious education as a Graduate Gemologist from  Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Carlsbad, California. Sidsel will be one of the speakers at this masterclass.

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What To Expect

The Diamond Masterclass is designed to give you an insight into gemology and is dedicated to all the women and men that want to take advantage of learning directly from influential experts in the diamond industry.

Proximity To The Top Experts In Our Space

  • This masterclass is the only event in Europe that offers such close interaction with leading diamond experts in the industry.

Diamond Mastery From the Best In The World

  • The speakers will be sharing topics and details from the inner most circle of the diamond trade that you won’t hear or learn any place else. The speakers combined have more than 40 years of experience and knowledge on diamonds and gemstones and will share this with the attendees.

The Most Professional Masterclass

  • Carefully structured content will enable the learner to successfully identify quality diamonds and distinguish imitations and synthetics, as well as have an understanding of the jewellery business as such.
  • There will also be ample time to engage directly with the two presenters and ask all your questions during and in between lectures.


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  • This Masterclass is only for people willing to do the following: 1) MASTER DIAMONDS fast 2) Be coachable 3) Push yourself 4) Have fun. If you can comfortably do these four things, this may be a perfect fit for you.
  • Would you ever buy a house or a car without an inspection from an expert? Consumers today want to know what they are getting for their hard earned money and they often look to experts for advice in their purchasing decisions.
  • Wish you had a diamond expert on your side? You are about to make one of the most important and expensive purchases in life. A diamond ring for  your loved one – or yourself.
  • WOMEN if you have a dream of working in the diamond industry or don’t want to wait for Mr. Right to buy you a diamond ring. This is your chance to get close to those shiny rocks with lots of valuable information… and it will save you time and money in your next diamond purchase.


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