Earrings For Your Wedding Dress

by Sidsel Dalby

Getting set for your wedding in 2022? We have put together our top 6 earring pairs to match your wedding dress. 

Beautiful diamond and emerald earrings for your big day

You must already have your wedding dress all planned out and organized, selected the perfect pair of shoes to match and perhaps even booked your make up artist in advance.

But have you thought about the jewelry you will be wearing on your big day other than the wedding ring of course?
If you’re looking to be blinged out on your big day or maybe even looking for just the right sparkle to accentuate your look, we have put together our top six earring pairs for your big day.

Earrings that aren’t just for one day but can be worn long after you walk down the aisle.Investing in the right wedding jewelry is essential. With our selection of diamond and some gemstone studded earrings we can be sure you will be wearing and cherishing these pairs long after those wedding bells ring.

The Forever Clip

Attached to a sturdy lockable clip, this pair of Fancy Yellow Diamond earrings that comes set with white diamonds in a white and yellow gold setting will have you swooning over it.

Its unusual design has a variety of diamonds in all shapes and sizes adding sparkle from every angle. The beautiful vivid yellow that emulates confidence will surely stand out from your ‘all white’ ensemble.

This beautiful set of yellow earrings is of 15 Ct and 18 Kt white gold.

The Radiating Stud

The classic stud is just right if you’re opting for a more traditional look. This pair of GIA certified, 2.32 Ct and 18 Kt white gold diamond studs has a brilliant twist.

Channeling the bold side in you, it comes set with a halo of diamonds that allows light to enter each gem. An elegant choice it will make a fashion statement for years to come.


Illuminating Yellows

Looking for a warmer choice, even for our big day is completely justified. These beautiful fancy yellow earrings has a total of 15.11 Ct, 18 Kt white gold and is GIA certified.

The golden, honey colored hues, that reflect light so well always tend to make an eternal statement.

Featuring a magnificent pear shape yellow diamond, it will be the perfect wedding accessory.

A Little Green

With Green Emerald earrings that show off the gems natural growth pattern, this pair of beautiful emerald and diamond earrings is great to keep up to traditions with a modern twist.

The rich green color which fills the gemstone speak of harmony and balance, embodying important qualities in marriage. This beautiful set of earrings is of 3.50 Ct and 18 Kt white gold – GRS certified.

A Forever Classic

These beautiful and unique emerald shape earrings, is an elegant choice for the bride.

This lovely pair of earrings with dazzling white diamonds includes 5.73 Ct, 18 Kt white gold and a GIA certificate. Set with a stunning emerald cut diamond and an array of beautiful, different sized diamonds, there’s no reason this pair wont complement your elegant lace gown.

A natural design, which will make a chic choice for years to come.

Pretty in Pink

We love a pink moment. These extraordinary pink chandelier earrings, is a feminine and elegant choice, which will compliment the bride so beautifully.

The earrings consists of and array of stunning rare pink and white diamonds and includes 10.57 Ct, set in 18 Kt white gold incl. international diamond certificate.

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