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Get a professional evaluation of your diamond jewelry or investment diamond from the industry’s leading gemologist and diamond dealer.

Diamond Pro™ Consulting

We are pleased to announce the launch of Diamond Pro™ Consulting, an innovative initiative dedicated to delivering high expertise in diamond assessment. With a team of experienced professionals and gemological experts, we are setting a new standard in diamond appraisal and evaluation.

At Diamond Pro™ Consulting, we understand the profound significance of diamonds, not only as valuable assets but also as bearers of emotions and heritage. Our mission is to provide individuals, collectors, and industry professionals with comprehensive, accurate, and trustworthy diamond assessments that reflect the true value of these exceptional gemstones.

Can you spot the difference?

Have the authenticity of your diamond checked

Today, it is possible to produce synthetic diamonds in laboratories/furnaces that resemble and have the same chemical structure as genuine natural diamonds. The difference is that synthetic diamonds are mass-produced and hold no real value. These stones can be compared to counterfeit watches and handbags – and are not more environmentally friendly than natural diamonds due to high CO2 consumption in production.

Synthetic diamonds are most often used in lower-value jewelry, which is fine as long as it is disclosed. When batches of natural diamonds are mixed with synthetic diamonds without informing the consumer, it ends disastrously for the unaware end-user who ends up paying the price.

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The assessment process:

  1. Upon receiving your jewelry/diamond, any requests you may have are noted. The assessment is divided into two phases, during which you wait while the initial tests are performed (approximately 20-30 minutes). Then you take the jewelry/diamond back and subsequently receive a written assessment with a value certificate.
  2. It requires a series of technical tests and closer inspection of the diamond in question to get an exact picture of the quality and thus the market value.
  3. All tests are conducted by a certified gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America – the highest-ranking education in the diamond industry.
  4. The price for assessment per jewelry/diamond is DKK 1,495, including certificate.
  5. A deposit of DKK 500 is required upon booking a meeting.

Where expertise meets integrity

What sets us apart is our commitment to transparency, integrity, and industry knowledge. Whether you are seeking assessment for investment, insurance, or inheritance, our dedicated team is equipped to provide meticulous assessments that meet the highest standards.

We invite you to experience the difference with Diamond Pro™ Consulting and conduct all assessments with 100% discretion while providing insights that go beyond simple assessments. Enhance your understanding of diamonds with Diamond Pro™ Consulting, where expertise meets integrity.

Contact us today to embark on a journey of precise assessments, insightful advice – a knowledge bank within the diamond world.

Following, gemologist and diamond dealer, Sidsel Dalby, provides 5 tips for choosing the perfect diamond.

Tips #1

GIA created the first and now globally accepted standard description of diamonds: Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat Weight. White or colorless diamonds are valued based on the 4 Cs, while it’s different with Fancy Color Diamonds, including yellow, blue, and pink diamonds. Here, it’s the color composition and intensity of the color that primarily determine the value.

If you’re looking for a classic white diamond ring for an engagement with a limited budget, it can pay off:

  • To go for a slightly lower color/clarity if aiming to reach the magical 1.00 carat. The untrained eye won’t be able to see the difference, for example, between a G/H color, so it’s advantageous to compromise here.
  • 5-10% of all diamonds in a lower clarity like SI are ‘eye clean,’ meaning inclusions are not visible to the naked eye. Therefore, one should ally with an expert who has access to the few stones within this category.

With the above, you get more ‘carat’ for your money.

Fancy Shaped Diamonds

Tips #2

Did you know that diamonds come in several different shapes (and colors)? You can choose a design where the diamond in earrings or a ring, for example, is in a cushion cut instead of the classic round brilliant cut. Or perhaps an emerald cut, which is quite popular among celebrities and royals.

You usually get more carat for your money by choosing fancy shaped diamonds over the classic round cut, as there is more waste during the process from rough diamond to a round polished diamond. At the same time, the advantage of fancy shape diamonds is that they often flatter the hand, visually appear larger compared to a round diamond, and make the hands look slender and long. An alternative is also to combine classic white diamonds with a colored diamond, especially yellow diamonds are highly sought after.


Tips #3

There is a great deal of science involved in cutting and polishing a rough diamond directly from the mine. Cutting refers to a diamond’s proportions and the quality of its finish. The beauty of a diamond lies in its complex relationship with light, where a perfectly cut diamond captures the light in a special way and makes it sparkle and shine. Cutting also refers to the shape and faceting of a diamond with round, emerald, princess, pear, marquise, and cushion cuts, among others.

The key is to focus on the cut of the stone/diamond cut – here it pays off to choose an excellent cut or at least a very good cut, where the light reflects the diamond optimally and the desired ‘sparkle’ is seen in the stone. A diamond with a poor cut will be dull and less attractive to look at without gloss.


Tips #4

  1. Find the right size diamond based on proportions compared to carat weight
  2. Check her hand before choosing the engagement ring via our Bridal Guide
  3. Consult Dalby Diamonds for further advice

Tip #5

Find the right jewelry for the big day HERE 


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