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by Sidsel Dalby

Expert guidance on diamonds

First class customer service

Partnering with the world’s leading diamond bourses and foremost authority on diamonds – Gemological Institute of America, Dalby Diamonds Trading Platform provides the perfect blend of online simplicity and showroom service provided by leading diamond experts:

  • A smarter way to buy your diamond jewellery and investment grade diamonds.
  • Free gemologist(GIA) consultations by purchase of diamonds.
  • Our in-house experts will help you choose the right diamond.
  • VIP lecture on diamonds (you can book the diamond dealer Sidsel Dalby for a lecture on diamonds and gemstones).
  • Global secured courier service – Fully insured shipping for your peace of mind.


Diamonds come in many shapes and sizes

DALBY DIAMONDS are able to deliver diamonds that are customized to every individual client’s need.

Furthermore, we put an emphasis on only finding diamonds of the finest cut – The Excellent Cut – one of the most important parameters when selecting a diamond.

Intricate science

There is an intricate science involved in cutting and polishing a rough diamond directly from the mine. The cut of a diamond refers its proportions and the quality of its clarity. The beauty of a diamond lies in its complex relationship with light where a perfectly cut diamond catches the light in a very particular way making it sparkling and radiant.

The cut also refers to the diamond’s shape and faceting, whether that is round, emerald, princess, pear, marguise and cushion cut, among others. A diamond can be brilliant cut, with triangular or kite shaped facets radiating from the center, or step cut, with long, slender facets in parallel rows. The most common cut is a round brilliant cut, with the diamond having 57-58 individual facets.

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