Top 5 jewelry

by Sidsel Dalby

Magical jewelry hold their value

The Best Investment in 2023

While you’re on the lookout for some “must have” gifts, we have curated a guide with the Top 5 Jewels you need in your jewelry collection. Handpicked and well budgeted, give your true loved ones timeless jewelry that can add a little sparkle. These pieces of jewellery are carefully selected based on the composition of rare diamonds. In an uncertain time of inflation and turmoil in the world, diamonds are the safest asset to acquire. And then you can even enjoy them in a beautiful piece of jewelry of your choice.

Pictured is the world’s only and probably most unique 11.10 carat radiant cut fancy deep/vivid yellow diamond with a VS1 clarity. This is a unique investment object, seen in the same style at Graff Diamonds on Bond Street in London for £1.5m. The price with us is wholesale, as we trade directly from mine to market and is set at USD 400.000 excl. VAT. The diamond is engraved with a unique GIA number according to global certification standards and is displayed by appointment in our London showroom.

Turn heads with this pair of earrings

With this ‘matching pair’ of rare heart-shaped fancy yellow diamonds combined with pink diamonds, a total of 2.39 ct. Fitted in 18 kt white gold, there is no doubt that the woman who is lucky to wear them will be noticed. The price is USD 17.000 excl. VAT..

The elegant shimmer of this festive ring

Expected at a Christmas party?

Amp up your outfit with this tasteful diamond studded jewellery inspired by the festive spirit.

With its 1.89 carat and a rare fancy light pink diamond in the middle, you can be sure to make an entrance. The ring is made in 18 kt. white gold and costs USD 29.000 excl. VAT.

Get noticed with an emerald bracelet

Over the past few years, there has been a particular focus on rare colored gemstones. Including the beautiful green emeralds.

Style your outfit with this magical and daring 14.90 carat Emerald bracelet.

‘Make A Statement’ with this necklace

Chic and full of character, this beautiful diamond necklace with top quality diamonds of +10 carat will be everything she wants for Christmas. The diamonds are mounted in 18 kt white gold. The price is USD 40.000 excl. VAT.

This classic diamond necklace comes with fancy colored diamonds too.

Valuable knowledge from the leading expert

Happy New Years from Dalby Diamonds

From time immemorial investing in jewels has been a secure investment option. Here we have compiled a straightforward how-to guide so you can choose your ‘one of a kind’ investment colored diamond ring.

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